“There is so much more to come,” Mitch Wilson muses from his home studio in Portland, OR. The singer/songwriter is reflecting on his newfound sound and forthcoming music with an understated confidence impossible to ignore. The multi-instrumentalist will debut his first-ever song this coming Fall 2019. “It seems fitting since it’s my favorite time of year. Change is all around. Especially in the Pacific Northwest where all of nature is exploding.”

Though this is Mitch’s beginning as a solo artist, he is no stranger to the music industry, having for the past 10 years been a drummer and musical director in New York City and across the country.

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“I see that time as the first chapter of my career. Broadway orchestra pits and indie rock tours. I was cutting my teeth. My decision to move back to Portland wasn’t only about stopping that road-dog life, it was also about starting the next chapter.”

In a studio with a view of Oregon pines, Mitch (along with producer Davey Appaloosa) crafted the demos which would become his forthcoming releases. “Davey took my ideas and workshopped them” he explains. “Our partnership taught me not to settle with the music. ‘Good enough’ isn’t actually good enough.” Mitch is defining his style while delivering well-crafted melodies and head-turning vocals with thoughtful songcraft.

His first release aptly titled “Exit Only” is about leaving New York and starting anew. It’s a positive track with a strong hook and peppy beat which will remain in your head long after the song is over. “I am turned on by songs. Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, The Beatles; these are legendary songwriters that create sounds which travel with you throughout your life.”

Mitch Wilson’s music sounds familiar while remaining entirely his own. “These songs have been buried deep inside, and I’ve figured out how to dig them up. I’m trickling out the releases and saving the best for last. You’ll hear me grow as an artist as we go along. It’s going to be fun.” Expect “Exit Only” to hit online streaming services in early October. 

Associate Musical Director/ Drum Chair - TONY Award nominated Broadway musical A Night With Janis Joplin

Drum Chair - Broadway musical The Last Ship written by and starring Sting.

Associate Musical Director/Drum Chair - Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, MGM Grand Las Vegas

Drum Chair - The Color Purple feat. Chaz Shepherd, Portland Center Stage, Portland, OR 2018

Founding drummer for rock band The Pretty Reckless feat. Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl)

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